Explore Vaasa

Explore Vaasa

Vaasa-the sunniest city in Finland!

Vaasa is the biggest town in the area with 67 000 inhabitants 70 % Finnish-speaking, 24 % Swedish-speaking and 7 % with other languages as their mother tongue.

The town of Vaasawas founded in 1606 by Charles IX around the oldest harbour and trading point in Ostrobothnia. In 1852, Vaasawas burnt to the ground, and in 1862 the new Vaasa was built on the Klemetsö headland, 7 km from the old town.

Vaasais located at the narrowest point of the Gulf of Bothnia, only 80 km/50 miles from Umeå in Sweden. By boat the journey takes four hours. The ferry line with traffic between Vaasa and Umeå is Wasaline.
The town’s leafy avenues, the large parks that surround the public buildings, and the green shoreline, go to make up a restful whole which has as its foundation the Empire-style town plan drawn up by the architect Carl Axel Setterberg in 1855.

In Vaasa the past and the present meet: local enterprises, distinctive cultural life, two languages, international industry and the tranquillity of a small town.

A healthy environment is a part of Vaasa. The sea with its countless islands gives Vaasa the authentic feel of a coastal town. Boating, fishing, exploring the archipelago and taking exercise along the beautiful shore are all popular with the townspeople. The warmth of the town’s welcome is felt everywhere, in its bustling market, its business life and its friendly service. As Vaasa is Finland’s sunniest town, the sun is often shining. Welcome to Vaasa!

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