Spa area


  • Main pool (25m swimming track)
  • Outdoor pool (closed during winter)
  • Children’s pool
  • Cold water pool
  • Three jacuzzis
  • Big slide
  • Small slide
  • Water mushroom
  • Water curtain
  • Jets
  • Neck & shoulder massage showers
  • Water massage jets

Temperatures in the spa

  • Air temperature: +30°C
  • Main pool: +31°C (during baby swim 32,5°C)
  • Outdoor pool: +28°C
  • Jacuzzis: +32°C
  • Children´s pool: +32°C
  • Cold water pool: +6-9°C


The waves come at an interval of about once an hour. The pool supervisor starts the waves when s/he is certain that it is safe. Before the waves, you will hear the announcement ”The wave machine shall be switched on”. All the other devices are switched off during the waves.


All the three jacuzzis are different (water massage, water + air massage, air massage).


Sauna area


The following saunas are found both in the ladies’ and in the gentlemen’s departments:

  • Finnish sauna
  • Turkish sauna

Swimmers are not allowed to wear their swim suits / trunks in the saunas because there will always be traces of chlorine and bacteria in your swim suit / trunks. If you wear your swim suit / trunks in the warm sauna, the chlorinated water and bacteria will evaporate and spread onto the benches and walls in the sauna. Therefore, it would be unhygienic to wear them in the sauna.



  • 6€ (20 min.)
  • 54€ 10 times


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