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How do I get to Tropiclandia and where is it located?

Arrival to the spa

By car

It is easy to drive to Wasalandia Amusement Park, Tropiclandia Spa, and Top Camping Vaasa. It is about 2 km to Vaskiluoto from downtown Vaasa. Just follow the big signs along main roads. Parking lots in front of Wasalandia´s entrance and next to Tropiclandia Spa (about 200 m from Wasalandia). Tropiclandia has a big parking area right outside the Spa.

By bus

The bus station is located within walking distance of Vaasa market place. You can take a town bus or Lilliputti mini-train from the market place to Tropiclandia.

By Lilliputti mini-train (at summer)

Lilliputti is a cute little mini-train that will take you comfortably along a scenic route to Wasalandia, Tropiclandia, and Top Camping from the market place.

By town bus

Bus will take you comfortably from Vaasa market place to Wasalandia and Tropiclandia.

By train

Vaasa railway station is located downtown, about 300 metres from the market place. You can get on a town bus or Lilliput mini-train from the market place.

By boat

The shortest sea crossing to Sweden is in operation again. Wasalandia is located on Vaskiluoto, close to the harbour

How can I pay at the spa?

The following are accepted as a means of payment at the Tropiclandia spa counter:

At Tropiclandia area there are no bank machines. The closest bank machine is located in the center of the city.

How long can I swim?

Swimming time

Private Customers

There are no restrictions on the swimming time for private customers. You can enjoy your stay in our Spa the whole day if you wish!

Hotel Guests

Guests staying at the Rantasipi Tropiclandia may use our pools without restrictions – several times a day if they wish. On the day of departure, they may use the pools until they vacate their rooms.


The swimming time for those with group reservations is two hours.

Where can I eat?

Eat as much as you want!

Our buffet abounds in dishes of many kinds. Non-alcoholic beverages are included in the buffet.

Even though you would not care to swim, you have access to the Restaurant. Eat as much as you want!


What do I need to know about the sauna area?

The following saunas are found both in the ladies´ and in the gentlemen´s departments:

Why are swimmers not allowed to wear their swim suits / trunks in the saunas?

Because there will always be traces of chlorine and bacteria in your swim suit / trunks. If you wear your swim suit / trunks in the warm sauna, the chlorinated water and bacteria will evaporate and spread onto the benches and walls in the sauna. Therefore, it would be unhygienic to wear them in the sauna.

Where can I take lodgins?

Accommodation alternatives

There are many different accommodation alternatives in Vaasa. The following hotels provide family frendly accommodations:

On the island of Vaskiluoto within walking distance from Wasalandia and Tropiclandia.

At Top Camping we organize program for the children and you get a -1 € discount from the enterence fee at Wasalandian and Tropiclandian!

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