Prices & Opening hours

Prices & Opening hours

Spa Tropiclandia is whole family`s dream come true!
Wild water slides, waves, water falls, bubble baths, exotic saunas and what´s the best – there’s always warm! Welcome!

Annual service 15.8.-23.9.2022, Tropiclandia is closed. Relax Spa is normally open.

Morning swim 13.6.-12.8.2022 Wed and Fri

Wednesday and Friday8am - 10am
Water gymnastics Wednesday and Friday at 9am
7,5 €
10x serial tickets 70 €
20x serial tickets 130 €

Serial tickets

Adult10x serial tickets 140 €
Child 4-12 years10x serial tickets 100 €

Spa and waterpark opening hours 11.6.-14.8.2022

Spa is open every day 10am - 8pm
Waterpark is open every day11am - 7pm

Spa & Waterpark prices 11.6.-14.8.2022

Price/person (under 4 years free)24,5 €
Senior Citizen14 €
Happy Pass
Entrance for two days on the same season
37 €
Second day entrance
Entrance for another day 13 €, the ticket can only be bought during the first visit
14 €
Season Pass
Includes free admission to all Puuharyhmä parks (Tropiclandia, Serena, Puuhamaa, Visulahti) for the whole summer season!
105 €

We accept all major credit cards, Smartum-vouchers, Tyky+ -vouchers (RJ), Virike-vouchers, SmartumPay, ePassi, Eazybreak, Edenred Pay and Edenred -card.

Children under 10 years old and aren’t able to swim have to have an 18 year old adult with them at all times.


Volgende show: 13:30 uur - Dolfijnenshow
On this moment: Actueel weerbeeld als pictogram 22 °C