Hygien instructions

Hygien instructions

Clean to swim

Good hygiene influences our own health and that of our fellow beings, on the general tidiness and hygienic standard of the Spa, as well as on the quality of the pool water.

When you wash well before entering a sauna or a pool and follow the instructions, your stay will be safe and comfortable – just the way a Spa should be at its best.

Personal hygiene!

The Spa environment gives ample opportunities for good personal hygiene. In addition to removing any dirt and grime, the purpose of washing is to open up skin pores and let the glands work properly. By doing this, clean skin will breath and function as it should.

Before entering a sauna or a pool, it is necessary to pay attention to the cleanliness of some skin areas – notably armpits and other skin folds as well as the hair and, in particular, private areas.
There are plenty of microbi in anyone´s scalp and hair – therefore, you have to wash your hair before entering the pool. Furthermore, if your hair is long you need to tie it up. If, for some reason or another, you do not wish to wet your hair, you must use a swim cap or shower cap. It must cover all your hair. The purpose of the cap is to prevent any hair falling into the water.

A clean swim suit or swim shorts should be worn after the sauna and shower. This will help decrease the impact of sweaty and grimy skin on pool water as well as the amount of cleaning required.

Everyone entering the pools will have an impact on the quality of its water. Most of the dirt load in pool water comes from swimmers, so the importance of good hygiene and washing before swimming can never be emphasized too much.

According to a study, one swimmer will leave about 15 million bacteria in the pool water after a ten-minute bath. Water purification and disinfection systems are designed to get rid of this dirt load and other debris.

It is possible to rent towels in the spa, but swimwear is only for sale.

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