Welcome to the Spa and Resort Tropiclandia!

Spa Tropiclandia is whole family’s dream come true!

Wild water slides, waves, water falls, buble baths, exotic saunas and what’s best is there’s always warm!

Tropiclandia Waterpark is a dream-come-true for a family that loves water.  A new extension has been added to Tropiclandia Spa -a big outdoor water park with wild water slide chutes, two activity pools for children, a jacuzzi and ample space for lying and relaxing in the sun, as well as terrace restaurant. And the water is warm also in the waterpark (about 28 degrees).

Space Boat slide chute is a must – you sit and spin in a little rubber-boat down the slide through a big funnel. Free-fall and Multislide chutes suit the most reckless daredevils. Surfing Hill is a long and fun chute, suitable for the whole family.

Plenty to do and slides for the youngest water-lovers in the Activity Pool.

Free access to all the activities in the outdoor waterpark is included in the admission fee during the summer.

Waterpark is open daily 10.6.-13.8.2023 11am-7pm.

Volgende show: 13:30 uur - Dolfijnenshow
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