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Reservation terms

Reservation terms


All customers must register at the reception upon arrival.
Those arriving in the evening are asked to avoid unnecessary disturbances.
Customers must follow the instructions received from the reception.

When moving in the area, you must follow the given speed limits.
Vehicle movement in the area is only allowed between the campsite and the entrance.
Visitors must register at the reception and the vehicles must be left in the parking area next to the reception.

When choosing a campsite, you must follow the staff’s instructions and observe the safety distance between units (4m).

Making fire in the area is only allowed in the places specially designated for it.

Silence in the area is from 23:00 to 07:00, when moving the vehicles is prohibited. Respect the peace of other customers also at other times of the day and observe discretion when using the radio, etc.

Trading in the area without the owner’s permission is prohibited.

Dogs and other pets must be kept on a leash and walked outside in the surrounding forests or in an area reserved for this purpose.

The disruptive use of alcoholic beverages and making noise in the area is prohibited.

Campers must keep the surroundings of their campsite clean and clean it when they leave.


Customers must take care of their own property. The storage of valuables can be arranged with the staff.


A person who does not follow these rules and other staff instructions can be removed from the area.